ForMin Comanescu: Greatest security challenges come from NATO's eastern neighborhood

The greatest security challenges for NATO come from the eastern neighborhood of the North-Atlantic Alliance, Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu told a press conference delivered jointly with NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller.

The Romanian chief diplomat said that talks with the NATO official focused on the stability situation in the region, the relationship between NATO and partner countries in the eastern neighborhood of the Alliance, but also with Western Balkan states. The sides also considered the attention required by strengthening security and stability in the eastern, but also in the southern neighborhood.

"We had similar assessments of the critical importance of strengthening the presence of the Alliance in our area, of an enhanced attention as regards the south of the eastern flank of the Alliance because (...) the most important security and stability challenges come from this part of the Alliance's neighborhood," said Comanescu.

On the other hand, Rose Gottemoeller highlighted Romania's contribution to training activities in Afghanistan, which she characterized as having a vital importance, especially in recent years. She noted that Romania has been for years now a very important participant in operations of major importance conducted in some of Afghanistan's most dangerous areas. The NATO official also mentioned the missile system based in Romania.

At the same time, Gottemoeller spoke about the activation of the multinational division of the Southeast Command to support deterrence and defence in Southeast Europe. The NATO Deputy Secretary General said that the Alliance she represents appreciates Romania's contribution towards the activities of the North Atlantic Treaty.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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