Stoltenberg appreciates in phone call with Melescanu Romania's commitment to allocate 2 percent of GDP to defence

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Teodor Melescanu has had a phone conversation on Sunday with the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg "at the latter's initiative", the NATO official expressing his appreciation to the commitment by Romania to allocate 2 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) for defence, according to a release by the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) sent to AGERPRES.

"The two officials have reviewed the stage and perspectives of enforcing the decisions adopted at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, with an accent on the measures aiming at the allied defence strengthening and deterrence in the Black Sea area. The progress already recorded was hailed, and the necessity to continue efforts with a view to fully implement the decisions made at highest level, was highlighted," the MAE release stresses.

The head of Romanian diplomacy emphasised "the importance of a unitary approach from the Alliance, capable to ensure action coherence between the northern and southern dimension of the eastern flank." Likewise, Melescanu "recalled Romania's solid commitment for a strong transatlantic relationship, as well as for the achievement of the obligations arising from the quality of a NATO member, as regards the allocation of the resources necessary to defence, included."

According to the said release, the sides hailed the declaration in Warsaw of the initial operational capacity of the anti-missile defence NATO system, by integrating the Deveselu facility, and emphasised the importance to further this process, with a view to fully operationalise the NATO system.

"In his turn, the NATO Secretary General thanked for Romania's palpable contribution to the allied operations and missions, in Afghanistan in particular. Also, he expressed appreciation to Romania's commitment to allocate annually 2 percent of the GDP for defence, which confirms once again Romania's strong determination to meet its obligations as a NATO member state," the MAE release adds.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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