Memorandum of Understanding between Romania-Republic of Korea

Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu and the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Korea Yun Byung-se have signed on Monday an Memorandum of Understanding regarding the cooperation and consultation between the two ministries, occasion on which Teodor Melescanu spoke about the relation between the two countries, but also about the security situation in the Korean Peninsula, in the context of the most recent ballistic tests conducted by North Korea.

"It's a historical visit, in a way. It's the first visit of a Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea to Romania, after 15 years," Teodor Melescanu highlighted.

The head of Romanian diplomacy stated that the signing of the Memorandum underlines "the importance that the Romanian side grants to the mutual action plan of Romania-South Korea strategic partnership, a distinctive objective of Romania's foreign policy, also included in the governing programme."

"We agreed on the importance of intensifying the political dialogue between the two countries," the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister said.

Melescanu stated that the discussions between the two officials highlighted 'the special interest of Romanian authorities to amplify the economic bilateral cooperation, through a balanced growth of the trade exchanges and attracting new investments."

The Romanian Minister also spoke about the tense situation of the region.

"We also tackled current elements of the Korean Peninsula's security situation, which is marked by growing tensions, including through the new ballistic tests conducted by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on 12 February, this year," Teodor Melescanu stated.

He underlined Romania's reaction in this context. "We both expressed our deep concern regarding the continuous serious breach, by the North Korean authorities, of the United Nations Security Council resolution, which specifically requests the stopping of mass destruction weapons" development and ballistic programmes of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea," he said.

In this regard, the head of Romanian diplomacy added that the two officials talked about "the necessity of continuing the international community efforts aimed at demilitarization, peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and underlined the importance of consistently implementing the international sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea."

Melescanu assessed that the Memorandum "will contribute to the structural development of the collaboration between the two institutions."

In his turn, Korean Foreign Affairs Minister Yun Byung-se, described Romania as "the pearl of Eastern Europe." "Romania is our only strategic partner in the in Southeast Europe," he added, and also talked about "the diversification of trade and cooperation" between the two countries.

He stressed that, in Romania, Korean companies are running businesses that have "over 12,000 Romanian employees." "Romania has a high qualified human resource potential and a large domestic market, and taking into account that Romania is the entrance gate in the European Union and the Balkans, we wants to extend and diversify in the future, the strategic cooperation in new areas, such as infrastructure, health care, medicine, environment and energy," Yun Byung-se added.

"We convened to further strengthen the cooperation on a regional and global level," he said. "Romania is an important member of the EU and of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which makes our countries partners in optimal parameters, sharing an universal set of values," Yun Byung-se stated.

In the context of the ballistic tests, he underlined that the entire international community "is extremely concerned regarding this nuclear programme and it has to make pressures on North Korea for it to understand that the only option is denuclearization."

"We thank Romania for publishing positions condemning and discouraging the North Korean nuclear programme and we are convinced that Romania will also do so in the future," Yun Byung-se said.

"I take this opportunity to thank Romania for the active implementation of the United Nations Security Council sanctions, for the full support that you grant in order to solve the North Korean nuclear case," Yun Byung-se added.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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