Dan Neculaescu, Hoyt Yee on Romania – USA strategic dialogue

State Secretary for Regional Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Dan Neculaescu, and Hoyt Yee, Deputy Assistant of the Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia of the US Department of State, have discussed on Wednesday the stage of the strategic dialogue between Romania and the US on applying the Joint Declaration regarding the implementation of the Strategic Partnership for the 21st century between Romania and the USA, announces the Foreign Ministry in a release to AGERPRES.

According to the cited source, Secretary of State Dan Neculaescu reiterated the importance of the Strategic Partnership between the two countries, a fundamental component of security and foreign policy of Romania. At the same time, he highlighted the significant contributions of our country as an ally, in particular the decision to ensure 2 pct of the GDP for defence, an element which strengthens Romania's status as a stable and predictable partner within the North Atlantic Alliance. The US side expressed appreciation for the way Romania understands to fulfill its commitments at NATO's level.

During the meeting, the recent internal developments in Romania were also addressed. The US official stressed the importance of Romanian authorities' continuing efforts in what regards fighting corruption. The Romanian side reiterated Romania's commitment to strengthening the rule of law and continuing the anti-corruption fight, citing recent meetings on the subject addressed by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister of Romania with high EU officials.

The two diplomats, reads the MAE release, also discussed the American military presence in Romania and reviewed the regional developments, with an increased focus on security in the Black Sea region and evolutions in the eastern neighbourhood, in particular the Republic of Moldova. It was stressed the interest of both sides to deepen coordination between Romania and the USA on these dimensions.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES




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