Minister Delegate Birchall: Romania, Europe can improve if they listen to young people's voice

Romania and Europe can improve if they listen to the voice of young people and especially if young people get involved in the decision making process, declared on Friday the Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Ana Birchall, present in the "Young's Europe, Europe's young! #RO10@UE and #ERASMUS30" debate.

Birchall  invited the young to get involved in organizing the Romanian presidency of the EU Council in 2019.

'Help us make a successful presidency. It's one of Romania's important projects. I want it to be a project for our country. Organizing the presidency of Romania in 2019 may not have a better basis than your talent and mind and innovation," stated Birchall.

According to Ana Birchall, the young of Romania's engaging in the European project is essential.

"I have always believed that we need the young and it is our duty to promote and capitalize the enormous potential the young have, both at European level and the youth in Romania. I truly believe that through the young we can leave our mark on tomorrow", added the Minister Delegate.

She stressed that, in view of the EU Council presidency in 2019 "Romania will be among the countries that will write history and not among the countries for which history is written."

"Considering the challenges that we have I am very determined for this project to be undertaken as the country's project, I am very settled not to allow any petty debate, sterile battles between different political forces, but actually for it to be what a country's project is. Challenging as it may be, all the more opportunities it creates if we play intelligently. It represents an opportunity for Romania to be promoted. At the same time, it is an opportunity for Romania to be an active player at EU level, to be a responsible player, an important voice and (...) we can do it if we are united. I think Romania can and should and deserves to have the same status as any other country in the EU," Birchall stressed .

She also said that at the Government level solutions must be found for the young to not leave the country. In this respect, Ana Birchall has listed the measures taken by the current Government, including free transport, commitment loan to build housing for young people, state aid scheme by allocating 10 pct of places at universities for rural youth and social scholarships.

"Erasmus Programme is a success story. I am glad that in Romania too this Programme has developed, it is very beneficial. (...) The overall success of the Erasmus Programme makes us wish that an increasing number of young Romanian, from as varied environments as possible, can benefit from this experience. At the same time, we want to turn Romania into a privileged Erasmus destination. Some European countries have made out of attracting as large a number as possible of Erasmus scholars a true public diplomacy," noted the Minister delegate for European Affairs.

The "Young's Europe, Europe's young! #RO10@UE and #ERASMUS30" debate was organized by the European Institute of Romania and the Information Centre Europe Direct and marks the 10th anniversary of Romania's accession to the European Union and 30 years of the Erasmus Programme existence and implementation.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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